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Alloys are mixtures with metallic properties that are synthesized by two or more metals and metals or nonmetals by a certain method. It is generally obtained by melting into a homogeneous liquid and solidifying. According to the number of constituent elements, it can be divided into binary alloys, ternary alloys and multi-element alloys.

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An alloy is a macroscopically homogeneous, multicomponent chemical substance containing metallic elements, generally with metallic properties. Any element can be used as an alloying element, but a large number of additions are still metal to form an alloy of basic, independent substances called group elements, or simply yuan. An alloy consisting of two elements is called a binary alloy, an alloy consisting of three elements is called a ternary alloy, and an alloy consisting of more than three elements is called a polymer alloy. In the solid state, alloys may be single-phase or complex-phase mixtures; they may be crystalline, quasi-crystalline or amorphous. In crystalline alloys, depending on the differences in atomic radii, negative electrical properties, and electron concentrations of the constituent elements, the phases that may occur are solid solutions that maintain the same structure as the pure elements of the substrate, and intermediate phases that do not have the same structure as any of the constituent elements. Intermediate phases include normal valence compounds, electronic compounds, alpha phases, interstitial phases, and interstitial compounds with complex structures.

The phases that may occur in an alloy at equilibrium are known from the alloy phase diagram. The structure and nature of the constituent phases in an alloy play a decisive role in the properties of the alloy. At the same time, changes in the alloy organisation, i.e. the relative number of phases in the alloy, the grain size, shape and distribution of the phases, also have a significant influence on the properties of the alloy. Therefore, the combination of various elements is utilised to form various alloy phases, which can then be suitably treated to meet different performance requirements. If you have a need for a certain alloy phase diagram, please contact us, we will provide you with a free electronic version of this alloy for your research and development reference, in addition, we also have a professional alloy calculation software, you can easily carry out the theoretical density calculations of binary alloys, polyalloys, as well as the conversion of the content of the atomic ratio and the ratio of mass, if you have a need for the software, you can contact us to purchase it, which will be a boon to your scientific research activities. It will help you in your scientific research activities.

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